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The fair

We organize a medieval fair every two years (odd years) in the heart of the city
with its camps, its craftsmen of the trades of yesteryear and its market.

Its theme is “living like in the time of Chancellor Guerin”, that is to say the 13th century.

Consecrated, 800 years ago, bishop of Senlis, this man of the church and chancellor passed from the crozier to
the sword and took part in the victory of the battle of Bouvines in 1214, thus affirming the monarchy of

It should be remembered that it was in Senlis that Hugues Capet was elected king of France.
The city therefore naturally celebrates Chancellor Guerin by retracing life in the 13th century in
through its medieval fair.

Animation around the games of yesteryear

The extras of the story propose an animation
around the games of yesteryear

  • Rental of different wooden games

  • Setting up a play area

  • Animation by our members

Prices on estimate

​ Period costume rental

All of our costumes are available for hire.

medieval times (13th and 15th centuries), renaissance, 18th century, empire, vintage…

Catalog in creation...

Parades in period costumes on different festivals at the request of the organizers

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